Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Seasonal Ramblings!

Well, if you have not done your Christmas shopping  by now then you are officially a last minute shopper. I've just returned from the UK, visiting friends and family and was in shock over the crowds of tormented souls dashing around the shops like there was no tomorrow.
Being in Spain, we tend to forget how manic it is in the UK. Here, the 6th of January and Three Kings is more important than Christmas, so often the shops are not even that busy, even on Christmas Eve!

I do confess to preferring to shop on line. I hate crowds when I know what I want but just can't reach it because there are others in the way.  However, family got me vouchers to spend while there, so I duly braved the local Marks and Spencer to find something special to take home. I decided on an oversized, hooded, furry sort of dressing gown, the sort of luxury one that covers you from head to toe and back again (especially if, like me, you are short and buy the long version). As you can imagine, there is rather a lot of it and I was concerned that the one suitcase we were taking back would not be able to cope with it and everything else. I would look like a furry Darth Vader, but who cares when you can snuggle up like that?

Hubby duly suggested I look on line to see if I could buy it and get it posted back to Spain. Brilliant idea!  So on line at the UK site I went, only to find I could get it sent to heaven knows where, but not to Spain. Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, everywhere BUT Spain. I had a light bulb moment. Perhaps, I thought, it was possible that you had to buy it on the EU site. Yes! That was it!

My joy was short lived. While I could in theory buy it (and even get it posted for free) what I could not do was pay for it with a gift voucher.  In desperation I rang both the customer service in the UK and the EU version.  Although the staff were trying to help, there was no way it could be done. Neither could I go into the local store with the person who had bought the voucher and get it refunded.

It says something for the dressing gown, that in the end, I bought it in store and we managed to squish it into our case. I'd had visions of wearing it through the airport but the security staff might not have approved.  I'm counting down the days till I can snuggle into it.  The cats will probably love it too. Perfect for lap hogging...because, yes, it gets cold in Southern Spain too! Come to think of it, hubby was eyeing it up.....

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