Friday, 26 December 2014

Silver Bullet Cutters

Well I hope you all had a great Christmas!

I must have been VERY good this year because Santa was very generous. I got a SILVER BULLET cutting machine! I was jumping up and down with excitement, I can tell you. It's a wonder no one heard me across the pond.

Now I have loved having my Cameo and it is a great machine but I was wanting to cut more things than it can handle - and I wanted too, to be able to save files to SVG, so that they can be cut by people owning different brands of cutter and sadly, Silhouette America are not allowing that.

It will mean that I have to learn SCAL 4 software but I'm sure I shall cope. Less than 24 hrs after getting it I have already got the machine calibrated and done a successful print and cut.

My hubby is going to be selling my Cameo for me  (ebay!) but I shall continue to have the SSDE software, since it is user registered and I will keep up to date with that too.

What it does mean though, is that my files will be in SVG format from now on, and that I will also be making tutorials for SCAL 4, when I have got to grips with it. So those  who like my video style and want to learn the SCAL 4 software will be able to get tutorials in my familiar format.

The youtube channel 'createinspain' will be the same one, nothing is changing in that way.

Happy New Year to Everyone!


  1. Hi Sandra! Happy new year to you too!

    Congrats on the new Silver Bullet. I hope you do tons of nice projects and post them for us to enjoy them ;-)

    I have come to your blog afer seeing the auction en Ebay from your old Silhouette cameo. What an interesting place you have here! I love it!

    I have sent an email to your husband through Ebay.
    My little daughter is totally hooked by the SC since she discovered it. If you are still interested in getting rid of the silhouette, let me know.

    Enjoy your new acquisition and have much fun!

  2. Thank you, It's being mothballed at present but yes I will be posting lots on here soon!