Sunday, 18 January 2015

A Few Changes!

A New Year, a new cutter, new body..just kidding, only the first two apply!

I've been having a few blog issues, so decided to have a revamp while trying to sort it out.  So, things may keep changing for a little while, or they may not, I've not decided.

One of the problems has been that my Subscribe button went faulty. Actually, it went missing. So I tried deleting the gadget to re install it. Only my blog dashboard is telling me I still have it, even though it doesn't show up! Go figure. I've also lost my Pinterest Pin. Don't know where it has gone. Thrown a wobbly and got stuck in a cork board maybe.

Anyhow, I have managed to get a different subscribe button and I hope that works. Please let me know!

I'm busy working on tutorials and designs, so keep watch for those. Anyone with suggestions, please use the contact box and I shall see what I can do.

I had hoped to post some more SCAL 4 tutorials and I shall. The reason they are not being done at the moment is not that I have a problem with using the software to design per se, I can use the tools pretty well, it is that the software itself has been having major tantrums on my Mac.

 There were serious issues with SVG importing that were causing my computer to crash completely and even things like copy and paste were malfunctioning. After contacting support, I have a new version and so far it appears to be behaving better. Still a few glitches but definitely better. To be honest, it would be hard for it not to have improved, it was so bad. Apple must have had enough reports to paper a wall.

The Silver Bullet continues to amaze me, I'm getting some custom made embossing tools made up soon, so I can do some card embossing projects. I had some embossing tips already and know a guy who can set them in a steel holder for me. :) A Man who Can, so to speak. I can hardly wait! I had a go with a mock up version and it was brilliant.

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