Saturday, 10 January 2015

Cheaper Crafting.

  • Don't be afraid to scour unusual sources for your materials. Here in Spain, I don't have a choice, nothing appears to be where you think it should be..
  • Raid your old make up for nail polish you don't use. It can be used  to make lovely accents on embellishments.
  • Spray adhesive - I'd go mad without this. I use one designed for machine embroidery but re positionable  spray mount or temporary spray mount are fine. I use it to refresh my cutting mats, sticking fine detailed stuff - believe me, once you have this, you wonder what you did without it.
  • Hairspray. Never use it on my hair but it is great for setting prints that are likely to smudge. You can even use the sparkle ones to add a twinkle to your cards!
  • My LIYU blade holder, came from China, and takes the usual Roland blades. No auto adjustment but very useful all the same. Similar to the CB09 holder that is often mentioned, mine fits the Cameo perfectly. It is made in different sizes and you can choose blade angles.
  • EDIT - if you want a blade holder that still has the numbers, there is another one you can buy in the Uk, from here. Not as cheap but more user friendly and you will still save in the long run.
  • Artist inks and cheap spray bottles. Make your own colour sprays. Add some decent pearl paint and you can get sparkly ones too!
  • Reeves make a pearly paint additive, sold in a tube, that can be added to watercolour or acrylics to make them all sparkly!
  • Hardware stores often sell vinyl more cheaply.
  • Make your own cutting mats from the flexible plastic table mats found in many household stores. I have at least 6 in various sizes. (The spray adhesive again!)  Here is a link to a file for a 12 inch square mat. All you need do is load up a large piece of transparent tough plastic (often sold as flexible chopping boards), put in a permanent marker and away you go. When marked up,line it up with your old mat and use the old one to draw the correct edge size on your new one. Keep the marked lines on the underside of the mat. Size wise, you are only limited by the size of the plastic you can find and the machine you have. 
  • Raid the boot sales for ribbons and notions.
  • Save your scrap card in one place and ALWAYS go to it first, to see if any is usable in your current project. Make it a practice to trim scraps and put away, straight after crafting sessions.
  • Use normal, cheap sticky back plastic (book covering) for making disposable stencils. Cuts like butter and no clean up later.
  • Check Aldi and Lidl for art supplies - their supply comes from a big German manufacturer and is of excellent quality. Only comes in a few times a year though!
  • Spray varnish on some plain card makes it nice and shiny and takes no time to dry.
  • Raid the DIY stores for big rolls of coloured tapes, I don't know what they are used for in DIY but they are great to do small items like lettering.
  • Adapt pens for sketching, wrap fun foam around thin ones to make them fit.
  • For longer life stencils, cut out from document wallets from the stationers. Washable, cut easily and they don't tear.
  • Make your own Cameo 'Scrapmat'.  Files here

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