Friday, 30 January 2015

Click Blade Holder for the Cameo or Silver Bullet/ Craft Robo, Cougar

One of the main problems with getting a decent cut when using a Cameo or Silver Bullet or other plotter, is our desperate wish to get as much use out of a blade as is humanly possible. As one of the great expenses in consumables, buying disposable blade holders is a major cause of this reluctance to change blades.

Disposable holders are expensive, can only be purchased in select shops and are not environment friendly!

Now many have swapped or tried to swap to a CB09 holder, often from China as an alternative. I'm not going to knock them, they work perfectly well if you get the right one but they are manually adjusted, they have no numeric guide and can be fiddly.

Having swapped to a Silver Bullet cutter recently, it came with a manually adjusted holder and I ordered a Click Holder for ease of use. I tend to have different thicknesses I need to cut and ensuring a manual reset to exactly the same depth I was using was hard.

The good news is that there is one made that will fit the Cameo too. Available from Thyme Graphics, a reputable company in the UK.

While not cheap, it is very light and does come with the blade of your choice (and they are high quality blades).

I asked about post to the States and postage would be £12.75 - expensive but it is an insured and signed for service. Obviously if in the UK it would be cheaper. Maybe, you could get together with some fellow crafters and order a few at a time to make it cheaper.

Once you have one of these, you can choose where to buy blades and therefore how much to pay for them. A worthwhile investment I think.

Update  I've had the holder for a while now and remain very pleased with it. While most of the time it does remain on the same setting, it means that when I do have varied materials to cut I can repeat the setting needed without fiddly adjustment.

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