Friday, 16 January 2015

iDraw - New Update V2.5 Repeat Pattern Feature

For those not familiar with iDraw, it is a great vector drawing program.  It is also available for the iPad as well as the Mac.

The latest version has some great new features.

One of these is the ability to auto create your own repeat pattern fills from objects, imported images, shapes etc.
Once you know how it is really easy to do and lots of fun. You can have a great time playing around with this. It's a wonderful feature for paper crafters who may want small pieces cut in designer paper.

Have a look at my video and then you will realise that it would be only the work of moments to create small swatches of patterns on one sheet, to print and use in cutting machines for your projects.

Of course, nothing to stop you printing off large ones either..:)

Another way of doing it would be to start off on the iPad version, using a stylus to hand draw and then transfer to the Mac, something that the new Hand off feature allows you to do.

I've done videos on iDraw before, so if you have not seen them you may want to have a look through my Youtube videos and watch them, I've just put them all into one Playlist - iDraw Tutorials.

iDraw is truly is a great piece of software!

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