Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Silhouette Studio NEW RELEASE NOW OUT! and SCAL4 Bugs

A new version of Silhouette Studio has been released

For those of you who have had issues with hanging chads in some of the previous Version 3 issues, this should be a great improvement.

V3.3.437 - 5 January 2015
  • Mac Yosemite support
  • Overcut feature brought back from V2 (Preferences > Advanced) to prevent small uncompleted/uncut portions of select images
  • Save As Legacy shortcut implemented - CTRL+ALT+V
  • UI animations for panel rendering now adhere to animation settings
  • Minor Tiling feature improvements for tiling layout and rendering (Business Edition only)
  • Stamp media size (for Stamp Mat) to default in Landscape
  • Maximum page width limited to 12 inches for Business Edition Cut Preview to ensure proper display of actual possible cutting area
  • Orientation checkbox under Media Layout Settings in Buiness Edition to allow cut job to be rotated by 90 degrees when desired
  • Bug fix for tracing registration marks when enabled
  • Bug fix for exception when cutting/pasting layers
  • Bug fix for display error with header bars from Silhouette Design Store
  • Bug fix for select black & white PDF file rendering (Designer Edition only)
  • Updated German and Japanese translations
  • Minor bug fixes

For users of Sure Cuts A lot

Version 4 continues to cause me problems. (Apart from shutting down my computer and numerous other glitches.)

The latest discovery is a fault with the rotation command in the menu (the handle rotation is fine.)

You can rotate to a desired angle, select 'Apply' and it does it. Only when you click 'OK' to set it, it reverts to what you started with!

Ah, what would I do with myself if all my software worked as it should? :)

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