Friday, 9 January 2015

Sure Cuts a Lot Preferences - Check them!

I've made a brief video on SCAL4 preferences. The latest version as of today is V4.008.

If you are new to SCAL 4, you may find this of interest. Preferences can be useful but can also be causing you issues that leave you tearing your hair out in frustration!

Also, how to see picture fonts properly and how to select tiny items that are close to others.

Basically a few simple things to make your designing life easier!

I'm hoping that the newest release will stop the Mac crashing but I have to test it well first before I can find out. I will be the first to sing its praises if it does.

The rotate menu is still causing issues of objects rotating again when you press 'OK'. For the moment, use the handles to rotate things.

I will get round to making  video of the Silver Bullet in action soon, just need an empty house to do it without being disturbed!

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