Thursday, 1 January 2015

Things I Really Love about my new Silver Bullet!

Having got my Silver Bullet on Christmas Day, I have it seems, been totally buried in websites, forums, and on line in general, learning as much as I can. Of course, I have been playing with the actual machine but I am one of those people who actually reads manuals first. Honest!

There are many things I love about this machine. It is so quick, so quiet and amazingly powerful.

I love that I can put something on my (virtual) mat and then choose any place I want on the actual mat to cut it out. Basically, you set an origin (which is where you want the bottom right of your design to be) and it will cut it there. Simple. Or, if inclined, you can set it to WYSIWYG - something I rarely do.

You can still set your mat size to any you want - standard or custom. It can be your actual mat size or paper size.

Should you  find your cut isn't deep enough, just press the repeat button and it will do the same cut again IN THE SAME PLACE!

There were times with the Cameo that I did a double cut but most often I would find it wasn't in EXACTLY the same place as the original, so I avoided it.

I love the fact that a print and cut does not have to mean I waste a load of edge space.

I love that with most of my paper sizes and card, I can just put it wherever I like on the actual mat and know that it will be cut where I want it.

I love that it has 4 Pinch Rollers. Ones that REALLY grip. Believe me, that mat is not moving anywhere I don't tell it to (even when I use only 2 of them). They are heavy duty pinch rollers.

I love that it can cut fine things superbly and yet still cut fun foam! (Note to self, must get some more stuff to test on it!)

I love that I have so much control over the functions, hard to explain but that is why this machine can do so much more. A steeper learning curve, yes - but well worth it.

My thanks go to Dawn at the company linked above, for her assistance in helping my hubby to get this for me!

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