Monday, 23 February 2015

ACCURATE Placement of Origin, in Sure Cuts a Lot with a Silver Bullet Cutter.

For those following my quest for an easy Scan and Cut (similar to PixScan in Studio) or just wanting exact placement in WYSIWYG. (For those who have not a clue what I'm talking about, it would be a good idea to read some of the earlier posts - 16th Feb and 20th Feb 2015 - they address issues you will need to be aware of).

I have continued experimenting. The tutorial on the Reg mark method still stands.

For those who would rather do it via WYSIWYG or Origin point, I have found a method which allows precise placement of the Origin. 

If using WYSIWYG, place your design exactly where you want it on screen (the x and y movement buttons in SCAL will place the lower bottom corner conveniently if you use whole numbers) and put the paper in the right place on the mat. 
Put your mat in with the grips down. To do it with them up, leads to too much possibility of the angle not being straight. (Get one side sorted and the other moves!)

Put an empty Silhouette pen in the clamp.
 It is just the right size and has a small hole to look through!
Push the buttons to take the mat in to near the starting point and press the origin.
Go On line and lower speed to 35, go back off line.
Press buttons to get to where you need the origin, looking down the pen. A small torch shone on the mat under it helps.
When in the correct spot, press the origin button again.
Remove empty pen and insert blade holder.
Go on line and put the speed back up for cutting.

Following this method, as long as your scan and trace are good and you check the size, you should be able to do a scan and cut using either WYSIWYG or origin. Of the two, WYSIWYG should allow you more freedom to alter the design once scanned and sized, without compromising the cut.

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