Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Gradient Fills in Sure Cuts a Lot 4

I recently did a video on airbrush effects in an iPad app, Touch Image Manipulation.

Well, this time, I am going to show you how to get a similar effect on shapes within Sure Cuts a Lot 4.
While not as easily adjustable as a brush, the radial gradient fill in SCAL 4 is pretty good and it does save on the process of masking and importing etc.

So I have made a video tutorial on how to use it. I find radial fills much more useful than linear fills.

Above is an example of each, in the right colours the radial fill is great for giving a 3D effect to drawings of people or animals for example. Rosy cheeks would be obtained by reversing the fill in the oval - with a little adaptation of colours, while in its current form it could be used on rose petals.

The colours are changed by clicking the pointers and then the colour button, then you slide the pointers to get the effect you want. Any unwanted pointers can be dragged away.

With a bit of imagination, you can get some brilliant results. 
TIP -  make the colours a bit darker than you may need, you can always alter the transparency later!

When you have the result you want, you can save it by clicking on Add Preset.

So there you have it, another option to use, it's great to have choices!

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