Monday, 9 February 2015

Shaker Card - a lightbulb moment.

Now you have to keep this very quiet. No whispering...I have a special friend in the UK with a Birthday coming up on Valentine's Day.
A bit like having a birthday at Christmas, I would think, it all gets rolled into one.

Anyway, I have designed a lovely card that I wanted to tell you about but I don't want her to know so I'm hoping she won't be reading this.

You may know the opening scene from Love Actually - where his character is trying to make a new version of 'Love is all Around'? When he can't get the old song out of his head for long enough to sing the new version? When he lets loose a string of expletives?

Well I felt like doing a Nighy the other day.

To start with, I wanted to go to Aldi, hubby was out and the car wouldn't start. So I did a rather long walk (1hr 45 min) up hill and down dale to get some card and paper. If it had been food or any other non essential I would have left it but this stuff only comes in a few times a year...

 I had an idea for a birthday card for a friend who has one coming up soon. A relatively simple card. Would anything do what it was supposed to? No.  Although I had put some acetate on the mat and stuck it with tape, it moved. Grrr. Then, the next time i went to cut it, there were cuts where none were supposed to be. Grrr! I took my specs off and scrutinised the screen. There was an object on the mat that was barely visible....

So, I was making a shaker card. I had the acetate in place, added a strip of foam tape round it and dropped in some bits and pieces. Put on the second layer, and shook it to move the bits of sequin and glitter. Only to find I hadn't taken the backing tape off and I now had glitter and sequins all over my desk, my clothes, the floor - you get the picture. I knew I shouldn't have bothered to clean the craft room.

Rectified that and put the acetate back. (Enter expletives of choice.) The foam tape was too thick and all the bits sunk to the bottom of the card. The stupid thing is, I've done that before, I should have realised it was the wrong stuff!
Took it all apart again and replaced with normal double sided tape. 
Finally finished the card several hours later than I should have....

However, I then realised that I wanted another one but had no acetate left. Far too cold to go for another walk into town and the shops would be shut for siesta. Hmm. What could I use instead?

I suddenly thought of my hubby's  supply of laminating pouches but when we found them, it was obvious they would not be transparent. I then hit on an idea and took one off to the craft room and fired up my heat gun. A few minutes of CAREFUL warming and the pouch was beautifully see through!
Now in case you are wondering why not put the sequins in it and then heat it - tried that and got a load of air bubbles and of course, it no longer shook!

So here is the finished card. You can find the file on my Design Shop page.

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