Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Sure Cuts A Lot V4.013 Now Available

The company has been very busy fixing things and adding new features.

In the latest version there is a new Knockout feature that can cut shapes through multi layers and give a gap to them at the same time. A very useful thing for certain designs.
Also, they have improved the eraser function to act like the one in Studio, where you can have the design open or closed and choose how the eraser works on it.

I shall be making a new video very soon, probably at the weekend, I have a friend staying, so am busy making cards with her and video making has needed to be delayed.

I have added some more designs to my Design Shop today, so drop by and take a look. They are in SVG format but also are supposed to be ok for Design Space if anyone is using that. Any other formats needed, just contact me.


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