Thursday, 5 February 2015

Use of Sentiments in Card Design

So what are sentiments? They are the written words on your card, the greeting part if you will.

You may think that it is very simple. 'Happy Birthday' and that's it, right? Well, not exactly. Sometimes it is but sometimes you want something else on the front or  even nothing. You can ruin a perfectly good card with a boring sentiment or liven up a plain card with a great one.

Does the design even need a sentiment?
Here is a card that does not have one. After all, I'm going to write inside it!

The design is so busy that it would be way too much to have a sentiment on there too.

Even if you do need one, it may not always be obvious what it should be.
This card has an entirely different approach...

while with this card, I went for a slightly non traditional sentiment...

So, as you see, with a little thought, you can ring the changes, even for a Birthday.  So next time you make a card, don't just add the sentiment as an after thought, after all, it's the thought that counts!

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