Sunday, 29 March 2015

Condolence Cards

This week has seen a huge tragedy for many families. We are fortunate in that we have not lost loved ones recently but it got me thinking about condolence cards. Not the nicest of subjects, I grant you, but by their very nature they are cards that we have to think about in a hurry, at a time when we may be upset ourselves.

There is not usually a shortage of cards that cater for those of a religious persuasion but these days there are many families who don't believe or maybe you just don't know if they do. The card industry is not good at catering to such people. I for example, would not really want to see cards with religious symbols on them.

At the same time, you will still want to express your sympathy or extend a helping hand and want to send a card.

So I have designed a simple card with a choice of sentiments. The stripes are to be cut in gold foil or tape and the sentiments drawn with a pen in the plotter blade holder - keep to the same colour to get the best effect.

free file

It isn't rocket science or fancy but it does the job and it's there for if you need it. I don't believe in trying to make money off the back of someone else's loss, so the file is free.

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