Saturday, 21 March 2015

Have fun with Sticky Tape and Transfer Foils

I know those of us with cutting machines often try to out do ourselves with the technical aspects of card making or scrap booking - and why not? It's fun, keeps us amused and can yield spectacular results. Think box cards, waterfall cards etc.

Sometimes though it's nice to go back to the roots and go simple. Very simple. As in almost no cutting, no fancy footwork. Those things can work too but there is no need to take the fun out of it!

Take this card for example. A few minutes cutting, a couple with a gold pen and a couple more with foil, glue and crystals.

Clean design with a bit of the Midas touch. A card that can be adapted to suit a lot of different occasions just by adding an insert with appropriate sentiment.

I started with a sheet of A4 white card and just folded it in half. I cut hearts out with my Silver Bullet, using a strip of double sided tape. I kiss cut it with a 45 degree blade, holder set to 1 and a pressure of 60 - the backing on my tape is rather strong. If anyone is wondering, it came from Aldi when they had DIY stuff in store and it's a big roll (Top Craft brand).
TIP - To kiss cut DST to make embellishments, first stick the tape to a piece of vinyl backing paper. It will stick to it but peel off when needed. Use masking tape to stick the backing paper to your mat, just to make sure it won't move half way through cutting. Try to make sure the backing paper does not get cut. That way you can lift of your embellishment and only have the top layer to remove!

Placing my cut hearts randomly, I then removed the top layer one at a time and pressed on the gold contact foil. Pull it away fast for best results. Fill in any holes by going over them again. I can't say what brand that is, as I have lost the wrapper. Strings were added with a gold pen, with tiny bows drawn at the base of each heart balloon. Finally, I used my Zig pen (love those!) to secure a few fake glass shapes for a bow (one square and 4 teardrops).
All done!

If you don't have foil, you could press glitter onto the sticky hearts instead. Of course, you can choose other designs and shapes or use the tape just to add a few highlights of gold or sparkle. Use your imagination!  It's a fun thing to do and if you do have crafty children around, you could pre make your sticky shapes  and let them loose.

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