Saturday, 14 March 2015

Make your Own Coloured Foils!

I was looking at an Origami project recently and it was made with tissued foil. I guess the reason is that it keeps a fold really well and it is quite strong.

It isn't very exciting to look at but it got me thinking.. (dangerous at my age!)

I came up with something far more glamorous - putting cellophane on foil! 

It's easy to do. Just use spray adhesive to put cellophane on one or both sides of normal BBQ Foil. If you want a nice smooth surface, make sure to smooth the foil first and use new cellophane, not stuff that has become wrinkled like mine was here! If you do it on both sides, you get jewel like foil for making flowers and 3D art.  You can even use different colours on each side!

Do it on one side and you have a coloured foil for embellishments. If need be, get someone to help you do it, smoothing it out to remove air bubbles as you go.

Once done, you can add it to an adhesive backing or not but it becomes quite strong and easy to cut with an electronic cutter.

Cut it in ribbons, dots or other shapes to add a bit of fun to your projects. Make small squares of different colours for cutting out sentiments when you need them, or make up whole A4 sheets to use as needed, of the most popular colours. Keep some around for children to cut for school projects, or screw up into 'beads' for making colourful necklaces and bracelets.  Decorate pencil cases and journals.....anything!

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