Friday, 24 April 2015

Print and Emboss with Silver Bullet and SCAL4 (with Video linked)

Ok, I admit it, I'm on an embossing kick.

So today I thought I'd show you how to do a print and emboss,  (That's the SCAL Video link) in a way that is less likely to end up with a big mistake!  In this example, I emboss over the print lines but there is nothing stopping you from embossing an offset around print lines instead for a different effect.

To do it you are going to use the print and cut option, only without the cutting bit. Don't worry, all will become clear soon!

Put your design into SCAL, I suggest starting off with something simple until you get used to the way this works. I have deliberately chosen an image that is not symmetrical.

Now move the design so that it is in the centre horizontally. You can centre it to the page but you don't need to.
Set the lines to 'print and cut print' and send it to the printer. Don't worry that there are no registration marks, we want those on the reverse of the paper.

Now, 'flip' your design and change the lines to 'Print and cut Cut.'
If your printer is like my Canon one, you will need to put it in the printer face up

with the writing reading as it should. Go to the print and cut screen and choose print again.
This time, the printer should print ONLY the registration marks on the back of your design.

Now, you treat this as a print and cut only you put an embossing tool in the SB rather than a blade.
Put your design face down with some craft foam beneath it, on the cutting mat and secure it all with tape. You should be seeing the side with the registration marks only.

Before you actually do the embossing, you may want to create a custom blade setting that does not have an offset - since the embossing tool does not have one. This will give greater accuracy. (I forgot to do that!)

Set the origin point to the bottom right of your mat or paper as you normally do for a print and cut and while in online mode, set the pressure to whatever is appropriate for your card. Start low, you can press repeat to get a better impression if needed, and up the pressure then too. Like I did here

Use the registration marks as usual to set up and off you go!
Remove design carefully after embossing and admire the result. Notice on my example it's a bit off because I didn't put a special blade setting in. Having said that, I quite like the effect of the offset, it seems to add another dimension.
See, not so hard, is it?

Once you are familiar with how it works you can do more complicated designs involving cut lines as well if you want- just make it so that you can remove the foam without moving your card or it will end in tears!

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