Friday, 29 May 2015

Draw and Cut Figures - Cheat!

For crafters who like to use figures in their work, there are of course options of tracing ones found on line. That can still be problematic if the image is not clear. There is another option.

I came across a couple of Free fonts the other day at

Not your usual sort of fonts at all, these are fashion plate fonts! The beauty of this is that there is a pre made cut line, should you want to cut figures out and colour them by hand.

Here is the link , they are by Lauren Ashpole - Thanks Lauren!  Now you only get the outside line but you could draw details in quite easily or use the figures only as a base for your own outlines.

There are some children's figures and I think male too.

NOTE  You may want to check the number of nodes and go to Path/Simplify if there are too many. Watch out that you don't over do it and lose too much detail.

A bit of fun for children too and budding fashion designers!

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