Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Help Needed!

Normally, I am the one providing assistance to my readers. This time, it's your turn! Yup, the tables are turned and I am asking YOU for help, or at least opinions.

For those of you who use Inkscape to design cut files - what is your favourite feature? What does it have that SCAL does not? What irritates you about it or SCAL? What features do you really want?

I'm asking all this because software takes planning. It's easier for a programmer to put things in place if he knows what you want most, before he starts writing code.

Don't get me wrong, I am not employed (by anyone!) but I have a mission to make cutting software as useable as possible, as good as possible and as fun as possible.

The makers of SCAL are listening, trying to find out what we really want for the next big release, so now is the time to tell them!

For my wish list - to increase functionality
Nesting feature and/ or a spray can for objects

Calligraphic brush strokes

To be able to drag the centre of rotation to another point, instead of having to use a window to adjust it

A 'Spiral' tool

Cut by line/object colour - with the ability to select a cut mode for them. That was one of the best features in Studio. It isn’t that you can’t do it in other ways (layers and such) but it is easier to do as you are drawing.

A dedicated crease/score under cut mode - that then prompts you to change the pressure. I hate to think how much card is wasted because we accidentally forget to separate score lines! Most of us use the cutter to change pressures because they are so variable.

A dedicated Emboss also under cut mode.

A new manual that covered all the features!

Ideas For added VaVa Voom- the icing on the cake
More control over my workspace - colour choices, ability to dock windows where I want them.  For example, there are people (although I am not one of them) who are left handed and would probably appreciate a reversed work space!  

The effects box comes up in the centre - usually right over what I’m working on. I often work in the beige area and then move things over to the cut area. It’s annoying.

The ability to in some way, calibrate my screen size to actual size and save it as a zoom preference.

I’ve been looking at the way that Inkscape operates as compared to SCAL and one thing in particular pops out.

In Inkscape, if I choose to apply an effect/colour etc, it applies it and I can immediately go on to something else. In SCAL, I seem to spend a lot of time clicking ‘OK’ and closing boxes down. It makes it appear clunky even though the functionality is there.

Do away with the ‘OK’ button in most cases - there is a cancel button - if I don’t want to apply it I can use that. Assume if I click off of the box, I am happy with what I did, and if I change my mind, I can use the back button anyway.

So what would you add to that little lot?  Add your comments below.


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