Saturday, 16 May 2015

SCAL 4 Print and Cut Settings

I made a video a while ago on Print and Cut but it concentrated mainly on how to use it with the Silver Bullet and lining up etc.

Print and Cut with SCAL and my Silver Bullet is very successful. I've got very detailed cuts from it but the other day after months of not doing any print and cuts, I was having problems getting my registration lines to print. Much head scratching and naughty words ensued. Why couldn't I get it to work any more? What on earth was I doing wrong?
Dawn from Thyme Graphics supplied the answer and it was so obvious, I've got sore shins from all the kicks I gave myself.

I'm not the only one with a little confusion though, so I thought I'd set the record straight.

If you want to print anything with the registration marks, DO NOT USE THE 'PRINT AND CUT PRINT' setting for the line style. I know, it sounds odd, you'd think it was the right one, wouldn't you? My logical brain certainly thought so!

Well, it isn't. You use it only for items on a print and cut page that you want to PRINT ONLY.
Like the sprinkles on this cupcake. You may want to cut the cake and the icing shape but leave the sprinkles as a print, so that's when you'd use it.

Another pitfall, is having drawings on the work area, outside of the page. If you look carefully at the screen shot below, you will see that the registration marks are around ALL of the work area. To stop that, go to the cut settings box and check the 'cut selection only'.

So here is the low down.
Before doing your first Print and Cut with your Silver Bullet, calibrate your machine. You only need do it the once.

The 'Cut' style will give you both  the print and the cut and registration marks.
The Print and Cut Cut will give you the cut lines and reg marks but no image printed.
The Print and Cut Print will only allow printing of the selection, no cut lines or reg marks.
Always check the Preview!
Always Print from the Print and Cut option in Cut Settings - if you want registration marks.
Make sure the registration marks fall within the printable area.

If you are still having problems, check that your cut lines are being selected - they could be under the layer you have highlighted.  For example, if you do an image trace in SCAL and choose add image layer, there are two layers or more, cut lines and the printable image, and the cutter only 'sees' cut lines.
Sometimes, you will find an image is cutting multiple times over, even though you have set it for a single cut. If that happens, check your image again.
 Often on tracings, there are multiple colour layers of cut lines - unless you look at the layers you may not realise it.

So that's it, you should be sorted! 

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