Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Spiral Tool - New in SCAL4.026

I've just posted a brief video on this tool, new to SCAL 4.026.

It's a very handy tool for making flourishes and all sorts of patterns, either for cutting, printing or drawing. As with other tools, you need to alter the attributes to the way you want them. Pretty straight forward and a lot of fun!

What you need to remember  though, is that this can be combined with other effects and tools to get very different results.

Firstly, look at replicas of the same shape and what they can do. Place some with lines joining and choose 'Object to path' under the path menu.

Unite them and use an offset to create a cut line around your single lines.  NB I've put this in line view only so you can see the effect easily.

Take note, the nick in the line at the top of the bottom curl is because I (deliberately)  did not have my lines lined up properly. To create a smooth outline you need to have your lines joined end to end. You can see that the possibilities for curlicues is endless!

The object ON path menu provides for even more options by adding shapes to the spirals - and thus creating more than just straight forward edges. Hearts, circles and stars can create some lovely effects, or adding spiral forms to shapes....as in this doodle.

It is one of those tools that is worth getting to know well, play around when you have time to spare and see what it can do. Borders and frames, flourishes, the choice is yours but it does play well to the strengths of the Silver Bullet and it's ability to cut very fine detail. Vinyl cuts with this would be fun.

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