Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Thread Dispenser, Sewing Kit, Small Gift Idea

Paper craft is just one of my hobbies, I do many other things. One of them involves needles and threads and I have copious supplies.
There are times though when I just want to take a few bits to another room and do some sewing while sat on the sofa. Of course, what happens is that my cats immediately go scatty, playing with my cotton reels!

I've come up with a nifty solution, a small, decorative box. The clever bit? Not only can it hold 4 standard reels (or about 9 of the skinny ones, but you can use the decorative holes to hold the different colours of thread!

While I am talking boxes, here is what I do for score lines. I use an empty, cleaned out biro in my cutting machine pen holder. I put the pressure way up and this is the result. Nice neat scoreline that does not break the surface of the patterned card.

This is the box flat. The base is made of overlapping flaps to make it quite sturdy when glued or taped up.

Now I wanted the pattern on the top flaps to show, so I put panels on the other side and used this side as the inside of the box.

It could be used for cosmetic pads

But this is what I needed and I can keep my threads safe from paws..

I've altered the pattern in the file, just a bit, I've not re cut it, but the pattern should now be more centred on the lid so it should close with them lined up (at least that is the theory!) and it has a centre hole.

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