Sunday, 14 June 2015

60th Anniversary Card and one to Celebrate 25 yrs as a Priest!

I have been helping a friend to make some rather unusual cards this week. We started with blank brains, trying to think of something just a bit different.

She had two occasions in particular to cater for - a 60th Anniversary for her in-laws and that of a priest friend who is celebrating 25 years since his Ordination. Opposite ends of the spectrum, as it were.

Now not being a religious sort, and my friend having limited knowledge in that regard, we wanted to be careful not to cause offence by using the wrong colours, or shapes of cross..but also wanted it to be bright and colourful.

After a false start, this is what we came up with for Father Sam.

The free standing cross makes it a little different and the lattice makes it stronger. We used a striped, vegetable paper behind it for extra oomph. I hope he likes it.

The 60th Anniversary was also turning into a bit of a quandary.  In the past I had designed box cards for her Mother in Law that were pretty good, we had to out do ourselves.

Diamonds are the theme and we decided to go a little OTT!

We were aided and abetted in our cause by silver holographic sticky backed paper...

and some gems

We added some purchased silk flowers and made the back stand upright.

Bunches of cut out hearts, glittered, were made and wired, then put through a glittered base, backed with another layer and stuck on the sides.

If I were to make it again, I'd make sure my base card was heavier.

Now that I have the file made, it wouldn't take anywhere near as long to make it!

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