Monday, 29 June 2015

A Winter Birthday Card

I decided to make a tutorial on how to line up score lines for a different kind of card, so needed to make one. Since it is always harder to do cards for guys, I just had to do one of those to illustrate it! Mine is a winter one, since I have the odd winter birthday to cater for.

So this one is unisex. The effect will depend entirely on what colours and papers you choose and of course you can always add some bling!

Notice that the card opens from the centre, not the side. In my video I show you an easy way to get fold lines in the right place, when you have more than one.

And here is the inside.

It should be pretty quick to make, that is unless the software has forgotten your calibration settings for the print and cut (I found mine had, in V4.029 of SCAL).  Note to self : If I've not done a Print and Cut for a while, check those settings are still there!

One of the pitfalls is pointed out above. SCAL does not recognise the difference between objects for print and cut on the mat and those that may be in the workspace. It's obvious here, but not if you have a lot of elements on top of each other!  If your machine keeps going off to one side and going into Pause mode (Silver Bullets) - then this is probably the reason why.

I'm not posting the instructions here, I'm doing a video instead, so I suggest you watch it.  I did change the file a bit after making this one, to do the inside red pieces as one big piece instead - it makes it easier to back the letters of the sentiment.

Get the File

Watch the Video

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