Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Cards with Cut out Bits that Stand Up - Concertina Cut Out Card AMENDED!

A dear friend of mine wants to know how to make layered cards that 'have bits standing up - but they are cut from the base of the card!'.

Now you might think that she is referring to pop ups but that isn't the case. No, she wanted to know how to make this sort of thing.

This is just a mock up.  I'm calling it a Concertina Cut Out Card.

I'll let you into a secret. It's really easy, once you understand the mechanics of it. It also opens up all sorts of possibilities but you do need to plan a bit first, just so you don't end up filling your waste basket.

When designing a different sort of card fold, it's always a good idea to plan what you want on a piece of paper first. After all, you'd do the same with an essay, right?
Then, when you think you have it right, cut it on some cheap stock or something you have scribbled on. Whatever you do, don't use your best card stock for your first go at the design. I speak from experience. Even the most simple design can have hidden issues that only become apparent when you've ruined your favourite paper. When I started this, I thought it would need fold lines in places where none are needed.

The other thing I tend to do, is make my cards a bit smaller than the size of my card stock, so I have room to tape it to the mat. You just know that if you think the card stock won't move, it certainly will. Usually just at the end of an elaborate cut!

One very important detail to remember, is that if you are making it as a print and cut, is that you need two different copies of the printed stick ups - one, the standard print and cut Print; the other one has to be altered so that it has only the outline to cut - minus the base lines. Then these need to be lined up on top of each other.

Like this

You also need to make sure your stick ups are placed so that all the layers can be seen. I explain that in the video.
It is easier to cut out solid objects that are well spaced, words are more complicated unless you are using a shadow to cut around complete words.

HERE IS THE AMENDED file I'm so sorry I originally uploaded the wrong video, wrong blog post and wrong file.   Lack of sleep. I'm sure of it! (Too hot here at the moment!) and the AMENDED Video

Here it is just cut and still flat..

But look what it becomes!

That's more like it!  You could put a contrast paper behind it. This again, is only a mock up, good card and some embellishments could make this spectacular. 

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