Saturday, 27 June 2015

Cut Out Simple Shapes, Not So Plain After All! Free File

I can never stress enough that you should keep any simple shapes you make in your crafting efforts.
Not only are they re usable in the current form but can be made into things far more complicated than you imagine!

Take a simple flower shape.
Nothing fancy about that, and notice that the centre may need altering for some purposes.

Now look at what it can become.

That's a bit more impressive! A bit of replicating, moving and combining/welding of paths, a few offsets and exclusions, use of the eraser (to rid ourselves of tiny cuts) and to make others round instead of uneven and it's amazing what you can end up with.

A word of caution!  When doing all this in SCAL at least, make sure you use the simplify path - or you will end up with far too many  nodes!

Anything from stamp backgrounds, to stencils to children's bracelets, depending on what you are cutting.

I found some children's foam table mats and they cut like a dream - but are strong enough to make headbands (add elastic) or bracelets, necklaces (add a T on one end and an O on the other) for play dates and parties.  They make fantastic stamp material too. So there is very little wastage. With a bit of planning, cut out your stamp and the 'waste' makes a bracelet! (Alter the repetitions to suit). Cut a stencil and the waste becomes a stamp!

It's a win win situation. Basically, if you can cut 2mm foam, then you can cut this better.

Free File   If you want the file, get it now, I don't keep the link live for ever! (Having said that, if you use the contact form, and ask for any file that has a dead link, I may feel inclined to find it for you if I still have it!)  Video

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