Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Off Topic - Bread Baking Whoops!

Sorry this if off topic but it made me laugh.

Hubby wanted rolls and a sandwich loaf made today.  I do a lot of baking, (mainly breads, laminated pastries) these days.

I did both lots of dough but there was not enough room on the tray for all the rolls. So I greased a tin foil container that was a bit tooooooo small and shoved the dough in it, putting baking paper in to make it higher. Let me make it clear, I KNEW it was a bit too small a tin.

All was well with the shape, until I needed to move the small loaf 10 minutes into baking, in order to get the big tin loaf in…

This is the result..

That view it kind of looks ok but....

it kind of slid over to one side..

At least it is well risen! And the funny shape won't affect the taste (mild sesame flavour).
BTW, if you want to see some of my recipes I have an archive of them at

I may be doing some sewing blogs soon, we shall see. Bit harder to film tutorials for that!

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