Sunday, 7 June 2015

Print Life (For Mac) - A Software Overview

Print Life is an app available from the App Store for around £25. Aimed at scrap bookers and card makers - hobbyists.
What makes this app so great is its ease of use, the sheer number of features AND the really beautiful graphics it contains. (They don't pay me, I bought this a while ago, with my own money!)  In fact there is a newer version available with a few more bells and whistles, originally called Print Life 2.

It has hundreds of 'Kits' included, most consist of papers, borders, frames and embellishments.  Unlike other packages of similar cost, these are high quality ones, the sort of thing you would buy in the craft store.


They are themed and categorised for easy finding and you can add items to a favourite list.  One of the things that makes this really suitable for us cutters, is that it has the power to edit images (simple but effective)  in such a way that they will be easy to trace.  They are bitmap images, not vectors, so they need tracing to create a cut file.
Many are easy without any alteration but you know what it is like when you want an 'unsuitable' image for print and cut! Auto tracing can throw a wobbly and take ages to sort.

I made a short video to show you.  Files are saved in its native format or you can export to a number of common ones - PNG, PDF, Tiff and JPEG.

Once that is done, they can be dragged into SCAL /Sudio for tracing and treated like any other image.

You can spend hours playing with  the special effects, the sort of thing you only normally get with photo editing packages or keep things really simple. There are formats to use if you want or start off with a blank page. There are even contact fields if you need those.

For the price, I think it is very good value.

PS. I shall be quiet here for a few days. It's summer in Southern Spain and we have a visitor coming who wants to craft with me. In between dips in the pool of course!


  1. Years ago I had a program called Print Shop. I used it for card making and it was OK. It long ago stopped working due to OS upgrades and I've been looking for a replacement ever since. Most of the apps were dreadful. This looks really good. The list price is $49.99, but it's on the app store for $34.99.

    One question though - a couple of reviews state that the user manual is not great. I tried downloading it with no luck. What is your opinion of the manual as I would absolutely need one.

    1. Hi Kate!

      The (on line) manual for the version I have, has 111 pages and goes through things pretty well. To be honest, it is so simple to use, I doubt you would need the manual. Maybe for sorting out how stuff prints, or the contact/mailing options - which are not items I use.
      (I used to have Print Shop ages ago!) If you managed to use that I doubt you'd have any problems with Print Life - and the graphics are certainly worth it. If the manual is available for download, try again, maybe with a different browser. Failing that, use the contact box on here so I get an email to reply to and I'll see if I can download the manual for you. It may not be for the latest version but it should cover most things.

    2. Kate, I just found V1 user guide, I have created a link for you. It will only be there temporarily as I clear out folders regularly!