Thursday, 11 June 2015

Silhouette Studio Update Important Information

As of a couple of days ago, there is a new Silhouette studio release, V 3.3662.

For those of you who are dubious about updating, it appears that there is no change to how the latest version works, except one.

If you don't update by the 22nd of June 2015, you will lose access to the store designs. Makes no difference to me, since I don't use them anyway but a lot of people do and will be wondering why they suddenly can't.

I suspect that a new big release may happen for the Cameo and Portrait later in the autumn, along with the release of the new machines. (Machines that are to accompany the Cameo, not replace it).

There are, of course, alternatives to designing in Studio if you care to find one. Make the Cut is one I have not used much because I have a Mac but Sure Cuts a Lot is an alternative and that runs just fine.
If you are prepared to learn a new software, you'll find that it has come on in leaps and bounds this year, with many features surpassing the current abilities of Studio. It saves in its native format and to SVG, so you can just use the Studio software to send to the cutter.  My Youtube channel has a whole load of videos on it.

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