Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A Simple Floral Card and Some Cards I Made Yesterday.

I made 4 cards yesterday.

This one was done with an altered image from Freepik . Great little owls and fun to do.

Then I did these, one after the other!

Those little owls get everywhere!  The middle one was made from pieces I had cut already, the leaf frame is a favourite design of mine. I covered a simple white version in white glitter. The last one is hand drawn flowers on an airbrushed background, with a hand written sentiment.

So today, I decided to do some more flowers and came up with this one.

I'm loving the markers I got. Such fun to use and so quick and easy. The sentiment I had already (made in a moment of surprising introversion!)  It could however be anything, from Get Well Soon to   
a New Home card.

The method was a little different. I chose a background and glued on a sentiment. I have some plastic sequins and scattered a few a bit randomly. I glued them in place, let it dry (very important) and then ran it through the embosser to 'embed' them into the card. I then added double sided tape to adhere it to a card base.  Only then did I draw simple petals and curly stems. I know it is unrealistic, don't worry! I left the leaves plain because I like them that way.  I just thought the effect was pretty. I hope you do too!

Edit- More cards, similar theme.

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