Monday, 20 July 2015

Beary Big Splash! Creating an Outline Drawing.

I wanted to create a design of a teddy falling into water and making a big splash. While I was doing it, I decided it would make a good tutorial. There are complications that may not occur to you until it is too late!

One bear about to get very wet!

It was my intention to cut him out and colour with markers, so I thought I would explain  how to modify the idea to do that. I needed a cut line on the outside but drawn lines for ease of adding shading by hand.

The bear is made up of several shapes fitted together but that means that there are lines in it that we don't want to print or draw, so we need to get rid of some.

 Your first instinct may be to go in with the eraser but STOP!  You really don't want to do that. It will cause all sorts of trouble and you will be tearing your hair out at hours wasted.

No, you want to make a copy first and make a union to give you a clean cut line.

Once you have that, go to objects/lock and lock it down.  It's protected from any mistakes. Now, with your second copy (make another one to be safe!)  you can erase the lines you want cut, while leaving behind the ones you want to draw. Zoom in real close to do this, it makes things so much easier.  Work on one section at a time to avoid it looking far to busy. Try to work from the back of the image to the front - the bear's left arm largely won't be seen, while his right one will be.

When you have what you want, group them.

Then, go to Path/ Simplify.  This is VERY important when using the eraser as it creates hundreds if not thousands of nodes!  Change from Cut to Pen.

All you need do is line up the outer cut line and the inside drawing lines and group and you are done.

It sounds hard but really isn't if you follow those steps.

So what happens if you just go in with an eraser? You end up with loads of open and broken paths and you then can't get a decent exterior cut line. I learned the hard way! Believe me when I say this is easier. Much easier.

I made a video which you can

Here is a card I made with the file. It is hard to see in the picture but the bear is actually shaded.

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