Friday, 24 July 2015

Craft Room Products - good or bad?

I was inspired to write this piece because of this thing.

See, it's broken. It came from HobbyCraft in the UK, bought while I was there before Christmas and is, I believe, their own brand. See how most of the tape is unused. This is not the only one I have had that broke. I had 3 of them. All did the same. So I got on their web site a few days ago to tell them. I have not had a reply. Nothing. BIG FAIL!  I don't care if an item cost 50p or £50, I expect it to work. This one does not.

One of my new favourites however, is the set of alcohol markers (TOUCHFIVE).  Here they are in my homemade storage box. (Along with a water brush to fill the empty hole).

I love these. So much cheaper than Copics, (there was never any chance that I'd get many of those) these do exactly what I thought they would. They colour and blend really well, I love them!  You wouldn't believe how cheap they are on AliExpress.   Mine came from Etsy but my son did say the postage was expensive. On Ali you can get free post.  They have a fine point and a chunky one and a large range of colours. I am very tempted to get the rest of the collection...:)

My Evolution Embossing machine. Works beautifully, I love it. Easy, simple to use, compact and does what it is supposed to. Brilliant.

My Silver Bullet cutter - what can I say? The Rolls Royce of the cutting world. For people who want to push the envelope, cut the foam and engrave the metal! I have used it pretty much every day since Christmas!

My iPad mini of course and my Mac laptop, I wouldn't be without. Vital tools.

My Logitech mouse is so comfortable to use.

My new Bamboo Fineline Stylus is great! Makes drawing on m iPad so much easier. And I could easily use it to write too.

 The tip is about 2mm

My Iwata airbrush. Capable of much more than I often use it for but I love its engineering. Beautiful piece of kit. I use it with watercolour inks.

My camera, my Panasonic DMC-FZ35.  I've had it a few years now and I am still not inclined to change it. When I do take it outside, it does what I need it to do, very well indeed. 

My Zig glue pens. Do you know, I bought 6 last year and I am still on the first one! Amazing!

My Rapid glue gun. Undecided about this, it seems to need the glue stick pushed through sometimes, so isn't great if you want a continuous flow. It is good for small dabs though.

Plus I have an amazing collection of card making materials, tapes, pencils, paints.......can't think of anything else that has let me down.  

So, no more Hobbycraft dry glue dispenser for me.  BTW - None of this is sponsored!

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