Thursday, 2 July 2015

Easel Cards. How to Create.

You may have seen some fantastic easel cards and wondered how they are made.

Well, today I am going to give you a basic file that you can use to design your own bases or use as is.

I have done files for two sorts of Easel file. Only one is shown here as the other is in only 2 pieces!

The first is a hinged one that has a pull tab, the second is a simple fold style.  It will make sense if you watch the video that explains the pieces!  I have made useful comments on the construction in the video, so I do advise watching it.

Here is the video.

Here is how it is constructed.

The very end of the tab is glued to the last section of the mechanism. (on the back).

This is what it will look like from the front.

It is starting to make sense.....The next step is to apply glue to the back of it, close to but around the mechanism following up to the top in a straight line - don't glue the shoulders or the mechanism won't be able to move!
Th pink lines represent the glue boundary. Try to do it closer and straighter than that!
 (What would I do without Skitch screen shots?)

Then you glue on the back.

 Make sure you use a plain card for that if you want to write or stamp a sentiment!

Check that it is moving freely.

Now you can put it on your base layer(s)

Add some ribbon and you are ready to add your embellishment panel.

I've not done the embellishments, the idea of this is to explain how to construct the card or make the cut file, but in the file, I have included the panel in two shapes.

You decorate your panel and then glue to the easel, adding more stuff around the base too if you want.
There! That wasn't hard, was it?

File  (SCAL and SVG Formats)

EDIT : I have now used this base to make an anniversary card (think it's safe, don't think my Uncle and Aunt will be reading this !)

The white parts of the hearts are dry embossed with little hearts. The card will fold flat to post  and the 50 Years piece rests on the edge of the mechanism. I added some bling to make it a bit special, without going over the top.

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