Saturday, 11 July 2015

Freepik - Great Source of Free Vector Images

I just love it when I come across a great source of free images. It isn't that I necessarily will use them as they are but they can be a wonderful source of inspiration.  So most of the time, I don't worry about them being vectors.

Sometimes though, I can understand if you want a quick solution to a design issue, or maybe  you want some practice material, or just don't have the right image for an important project.

I wanted to do some practice colouring. Yeah, I know, I paint, I draw etc. But sometimes, even I am feeling lazy or just tired! I've got my new set of markers and need to practice, I'm not used to markers these days!

So, I found Freepik. Wow! loads of beautiful vectors! Aren't these adorable?

 Free to use as long as you credit them as the designer.  What I didn't want though, was the images in colour. Now it is quite likely that I could find some outline drawings on there (I confess I didn't look) but I thought it would be handy to show you what needs to be done in SCAL if you have similar coloured images and want to use them for colouring.

Video  on how to prepare them for hand painting or colouring.

Rather than print them out, I prefer to put a pen in my holder and draw them with the SB in permanent marker and then colour them. Some printer inks run when you colour in, not clever.
So let your imagination take you where it may....
These were not centred up in the offset but they were only for practice.

So here are a few cards made with Freepik birds... They have been added to and some may have been altered to make them suit the cards.. The flowers and other graphics are mine.

In this one, the owl has been cut to hug the banner.

An occasion worth celebrating!

The use of a porthole adds extra interest.

My one and only die is used to showcase the owl and my own drawing.

Enough of owls already! Time to ring the changes.

In my case, I only wanted the outline drawings but the birds were nicely coloured already if you just wanted to print them.

So, many thanks to for all the lovely graphics and inspiration!


  1. Great resource. You can download 30 files a day for free or 100 a day with the paid subscription. I have no problems with attributing a a source.
    The only drawback is the the files only come in .jpg, .ai and .eps. Does SCAL import .eps files? Or did you first have to convert to .svg?


  2. I don't know what version of SCAL you are using, but the latest version 4 will happily import .ai and .eps (so no tracing required) as well as being able to trace .jpgs or .pngs etc.

    Simply go to the menu bar - File/Import and you're done! I think this site is fabulous, a wonderful resource for amateurs and professional graphics artists.

    1. I don't use SCAL at present. I have a Cameo and use the Silhouette Designer edition. I check out SCAL once in a while, but previously, I hadn't know it could do anything I needed that Silhouette couldn't do. SCAL's a bit pricy though. If you want print and cut you need the Pro edition which is $200 USD. When my computer needs to be replaced though I'll lose the copy of Illustrator I have, so SCAL will be a better option than the horrible Adobe creative cloud.

  3. Kate - I will ask CraftEdge if that is the case for Cameo users but for the Silver Bullet it certainly is not! I don't have and never had the Business Edition and can do print and cut quite happily.

  4. Kate - here is the reply direct from CraftEdge

    "The regular version can do Print+Cut with the Silhouette machines (and most other craft related cutters)"