Thursday, 9 July 2015

My New Markers

I have just received a gift of a set of 80 'Touchfive' alcohol markers. Not from the company, I hasten to add, from our elder son.
Again, it was not so much of a hint as a 'This is what I want, here is the link!'  You should realise that my family, while accepting of my crafty inclinations, has no understanding of them or supplies needed!

Anyhow, I finally got my hands on them and I am really pleased. I requested the 'animation' set and I am perfectly happy with my choice. I especially wanted some skin tones and this set has plenty.

I decided that I needed to organise them, they did come in a black fabric, box shaped zippered bag, but I wanted to be able to remove markers without others moving around and to group them in colours.

It was an easy choice between making my own and buying off the shelf. Cost wise, buying was ridiculous, more for the storage than for the pens!

This is where they came from, taking just under 3 weeks.

This is my solution.

 Each pen is separated by slotted forms, then boxed in a 5cm wrap and the whole outer box is 16cm square. I modified the lid to form a raised base. Markers are best kept horizontal.

The colours are true to the caps, with one end being a thick wedge, the other a finer point.

Now I know that they may not have the same colour control as for example Copics, but I am a hobbyist and the price outweighs that consideration. It won't matter to me if a shade is not exactly matched on replacement..for a professional illustrator it may.  However, they seem to be fine, good colour, nice and wet and I am very happy with them.  You can choose sets or make a list of your own colour choice. From my point of view, I was not likely to get many Copics - so blending colours and shading would be hard. With these, I do have lots of colours in different shades and tones, so that is not a problem.

So this is a quick trial, the card is not great for this and as yet I don't have a blending pen.
I'm not used to colouring in!


Here are some practice owls, courtesy of - I downloaded them and altered them, so they are not quite as they are seen on the site!

And a card. The background was painted with my airbrush using watercolours. Hard to see here, but the bubbles are embossed so they stand proud, I coloured them with markers. some of the plants are drawn on the card, then I did another layer fixed with foam pads to raise it.

I have messed around a bit and found the way of using them that suits me best. I tend to pick out 2 or three markers for any given section, depending on how big it is. No point in trying to squeeze three colours into a tiny area!
Starting off with the darkest, kind of goes against the grain for a watercolorist like me but it works out really well. Decide where you want the shadows and do those. then go over the light area and extend over the dark bits to blend.  No blender pen? No. Looking closely at what happens on the card, it is obvious that the wetting caused by the application of another colour (no matter what it is), reactivates or loosens the ink enough for the different colours to blend together. If you really needed to, you could use a cotton bud dipped in alcohol to take some colour out if you make mistakes, some card will take this rough treatment and some won't. Bearing in mind that it is so hot here at the moment that ink dries instantly (pretty much!) I am impressed with getting blends at all!

On a different topic, in my last post, I talked about my new embosser but didn't show you what it looks like, so here it is.
I just love it!
This was cut from a table mat and then used to emboss some silver card...

So easy and effective too!

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