Thursday, 23 July 2015

Silver Tape Card

I have a plastic tub and a covered ice tray that I keep odds and ends in that are left over from other projects. Sometimes the items are not really usable in that they may be bad print and cuts or mistakes of one form or another.

There is a way to use them though and I decided to put an idea to the test and see what happened.

I started out with a small piece of scrap card and covered it in glue. I then sprinkled on some of my tiny cut out bits.

Next, I took some silver DIY tape and cut it into bits. It was my intention to peel off the backing but it was far too fiddly, so I glued them on, overlapping, instead.  Now I could have used one piece or even tin foil, probably doubled up to make it strong enough.

I let it go over the edges because they can be folded behind when it's done. This would be a great bit of fun for kids to do.

Then for the magic. I ran it through my Evolution embossing machine. This is how it comes out, with the addition of some alcohol markers!

Now, at this point I had no idea what I was going to do with it, so I got a card base out and put my thinking cap on.

The lightbulb lit up and so I cut my piece more or less in half.

The addition of a bow, a sentiment and I had the basis of a good card - but with the addition of a bit of number 75 marker (Dark Blue Light) around the edge of the sentiment and a few bits of bling, I think the two cards I made, turned out rather well.

The next one I did on an airbrushed base and I added yet more shading to the sentiment.

So there you are, another way to use up your remnants!

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