Saturday, 1 August 2015

Celebrating! 200 Blog Posts!

I noticed the other day that I had made 199 blog posts, so for this, number 200 I am giving you a present. A file for a card that I designed today.

When I was young I started drawing cartoons and for this post I am going back to those roots.  A cartoon cut out cat. Modelled loosely on our very own Black Tippy British Shorthair. A bit of artistic license is involved!

The cat was drawn and painted on my iPad using the Concepts app. I then traced it into SCAL from a PNG.

So here he is,

 Unusually for me, there is a message inside too.....

Of course, if you don't feel like insulting your nearest and dearest, feel free to change the sentiment!

Here is the link to the file in SCAL format

I've included a page of print and cuts and a second page which has the card elements on it. If you want the little cat on the inside, just copy the bigger one and resize it.

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