Sunday, 30 August 2015

I Set Myself a Challenge!

I decided to set myself a challenge today.

To make two A5 pieces of a single image and to use it to make several different cards until it was all used up. I also challenged myself to use a shade of green that I hate.

The image I chose was a fern leaf. It came from a font, so no drawing was needed. I used a variety of techniques, from stamping with ink, to stamping with texture paste, to stencilling. It got cut out in silver foil; in rubber table mat (to make the stamp); in thin plastic table mat to make embossing shapes that I can keep and use time and time again.  I cut them out in different sizes. I used different colours.

This is the process of embossing the card. This very thin plastic table mat cuts like a dream and will not compress in the same way that card ones will. They give a nice clear impression too.

I learned here, that it would be easier to use texture paste if I made my stamp double thickness. Oh well, there's always next time! It actually looks better in the flesh than it does here.

This one has a stencilled leaf made with clear texture gel. The black stamping is done with  Memento  ink.
Offcuts of the black were used like ribbons in this one.
A bit of glamour is sneaking sentiments as I want to be able to choose what to use them for.
This one is very quick, just some fancy glitter tape either side of the black.
So here is the embossed version. The ribbon is silver florist ribbon, cut down.

So, as you can see, you can do a lot with just one basic shape.
It is worth making a whole sheet of the same thing in different sizes or indeed the same size to use in other projects or, doing as I did and use up scraps of foil card by squeezing in a few bits here and there.

And here is a card I made yesterday with a different home made stamp.


  1. Good one Sandra! I really like the font on "Sending Hugs" with one is it?

  2. The 'Sending Hugs' is Sofia font. It's a favourite of mine!