Monday, 24 August 2015

Penny Planter Card (Free File)

Today I did something a little different, actually used patterned card as a base. I'd noticed I have rather a lot of it and I always seem to use a plain base for some reason!  It's like when you save the best china for special occasions...:)

The other unusual thing is that I folded the card manually. Why? Because I hadn't decided what dimensions I wanted at the time, or how it was going to turn out..just going with the flow!

The card was 12cm x 34cm. I folded at 9, 18, 22, 26 and 29.5 cm approximately.

To get the raised back section, I used the only metal die I have, a set that came with my Evolution embossing machine. The trick is to position the die over the fold and tape in place, then have it hanging half off the front of your base plate when you cut it. No base plate, no pressure, means no cut. Simple! I cut a whole smaller version in white card to go behind Penny.

If you decide to make the file in your software, just make a shape and duplicate it. Put one to the side, to cut out whole and then make an offset of the other. Take the offset only and either cut it in half or rub half out, choice is yours. Place the half line to the appropriate fold line.

This little lady is on foam pads and made from a sketch I did on paper. I scanned it and used an iPad app 'Concepts' to trace the main features. Saving to SVG, I was able then to draw it with a pen in my Silver Bullet and then have it cut it out.  The flowers were already in my design stash from previous doodling, so I just made sure to make a 'pen' layer and an outer cut line.

I use a permanent fine liner to draw with in the pen holder, I find it is ok with my Touchfive markers.

I added a bit of ribbon with double sided tape, to the front section and a pre made sentiment. (I make whole stacks in one go and then choose from my stash later!)  

I'm pleased with the result. The yellow flower really lifts the card, it ties in with the t shirt, as the blue flower ties in with her jeans.

So, the file for the flowers and Penny Planter are here. It is in SCAL and SVG. SCAL has notes in the project info section with the size of the card and where the folds are.

NB  If you want the file, get it now, I don't keep them in the drop box forever!

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