Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Put Your Feet Up card

The lazy days of summer are well established here in Spain and I wanted to make a card to reflect that feeling. The heat, the warm breezes, the torpor. I also wanted a little whimsy, so I came up with Loopy the rabbit. He's had a hard day of munching on carrots and lettuce leaves and now needs a long siesta.

The whole lot was drawn freehand and then I looked at the shapes and drew them in SCAL. They were just outlines, I used my alcohol markers to colour it all.  The sentiment was cut out in gold sticky back foil. I was really pleased with the thin text, it's about as thin as I could write it in pen!

The front panel is about 9cm square, so it fits well on an A6 front (which was airbrushed pink already). Finally added a Birthday tag to finish it off.

Now where did I put my hammock?....

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