Sunday, 23 August 2015

Raid Your Make Up Bag!

We all have times when doing a project when we wish we had items we don't have.
Sometimes there are no replacements but on occasions there are unexpected solutions.

Maybe you want to add some shimmer to a card, either with words or design but you don't have the right embossing powder or foil to do what you want to do.  Perhaps your glue won't stick to cellophane or acetate to give you that nice sentiment on a shaker card.

What you probably do have, is a palette of eye shadow that was just too glitzy to wear ( or at least, access to some!) Look for ones where 'mica' is a main ingredient. That's what gives shimmer and shine. I don't know of many women who don't have colours they never use, or an old palette that is past it's best. This isn't a project for your best designer brands!

With that and a two way glue pen, you can get some really cool effects. Oh, and raid the bathroom for some talc. I put a tiny amount in a small travel pot and added a cotton wool ball. I use it to get rid of grease and static on card before embossing, but it is used for this as well. Just use it BEFORE you put down the glue. It may work with sticky embossing  ink pads too, but I've not tried that, as I don't have one.

Draw whatever you want to with the glue pen, wait until it is just tacky and then use a small paint brush to brush the powder of your choice over the top. Voila! A shimmery sentiment or pattern! Depending on how thick the glue was and the type of card, it may even feel embossed. Brush off excess with a clean brush.

For a really great effect, cut out shapes from double sided tape or glue sheets. Brush eye shadows over that. The beauty of it is that you can add different colours as you go, transitioning from purple to green or brown to gold...
Yes. you could use a shimmery pen if you had one but even that does not produce quite the same effect and it is harder to transition from colour to colour.

If you wanted to, you could even smash up the shadow blocks to make a fine powder and put it in small glitter shaker pots. That way you could use dimensional glues and add it like you would  add glitter, leave it to dry and then brush off excess.

Here it is on double sided tape.

It looks really pretty!  Children could have fun with this technique too. It's like having invisible writing. The technique must be similar to collecting finger prints...

As I mentioned in another post, glue pens can be used in cutting machines too, or with stencils. Experimentation is the key. Find that glue sweet spot where it is dry enough but still tacky and off you go!

See the video here  (if the video has not loaded yet, come back a bit later!)

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