Thursday, 13 August 2015


If any of you have downloaded the latest version, you may notice a change in the Library.

Under the Shapes there is now a section 'Createinspain'!

Why? Because, with all the improvements made in SCAL this year, I thought the developer deserved a little thank you. So I made some shapes and GAVE them to them, asking if they would like to include them in the library. So you win too.

I stress, I am NOT paid by the company, my reviews will always be honest and my opinions formed only by use of the software.

As it happens I downloaded a version of 4.30 from the website and it caused me severe problems - it was not recognising the cutter was on. I contacted them and was sent a different version to try and it solved the issues, so if you have problems with the version you are using and it appears to be the latest version  - PLEASE contact Craftedge. They can't fix problems if they don't know about them!
They really do try to fix anything that goes wrong but to do that they need the relevant information, as below.

Cutter info
Operating system
Version of SCAL used
Nature of problem
A copy of the problem file
Details of what you were doing when the problem occurred
Is it a repeated problem or a one off?

All this will help them to help you.



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