Friday, 4 September 2015

Make A Score Board

No, not one for games, one for scoring cards etc.

It isn't something I often want and I certainly didn't want to buy one and have it sit unused, so this is why I decided to make my own.

Now I know that if you are handy at woodwork or know someone who is, you could do this in a more solid form - but it is not really Hubby's strength, nor is he inclined that way really, so I didn't even ask him.

I bought an A3 board, the sort that is used for backing art for hanging. Marked it up on two sides and can now use a piece of corrugated card for the scores! OK, so you need to be a bit gentle, but it's good enough for what I want to do. I guess that if you wanted, you could embed the card in rolled out polymer clay to give it more support. I'm just using temporary adhesive, so I can turn it  if I want.
Use an embossing tool, not anything too sharp to follow the lines.

Job done!

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