Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Silver Bullet Support Table - Free Template

As you may realise by now, I love my Silver Bullet. However, I don't have a support table for it (the sort that supports the mat as it goes through).

Now let me say first, that Thyme Graphics in the UK (and the American and Australian distributors)  sell perfectly good acrylic support tables and if you can afford them, I recommend that you buy some, because cutting without support tables is not making the best of your machine. However, if like me, you live somewhere else and postage is going to push the price over the edge, then I have a simple solution, as long as you have someone who can do some simple MDF or wood cutting for you.

I have made a template in SCAL, a neater version of my own cut outs and a video explaining the set up.  THERE ARE NOTES IN THE FILE. The template is for you to print to use.  THE TEMPLATE IS FOR A 15 INCH SILVER BULLET.

This is the finished item. The dowel I had wasn't long enough, so I joined two pieces. I'll replace it later when I get some more!

The reason I made the templates is that this was the most difficult part of the entire thing. Basically it is two supports with a table over, the supports having a cut out that goes around the base of the SB. I used wood glue to join things. If you have someone willing to counter sink screw holes etc, then feel free!

Add either brackets in the corners for support, or a piece of dowel.  I deliberately chose not to 'fix' it in place using the screw holes as I figured I'd want to remove it for cleaning, so I made it slightly narrower and put some foam pads on either side, forcing it to grip in the opening. It works very well and can be removed when necessary - without using a screwdriver.

I painted the sides of mine silver and added a metal effect vinyl to the top. Hey, you could go nuts with patterned vinyls!


  1. Hi! I'm interested in your template but I don't find it.. Can you help me? Thanks a lot!!! Hugs

  2. Hi! I'm interested in your template but I don't find it.. Can you help me? Thanks a lot!!! Hugs

  3. Paola - my links are only there for a while, I have to clear out every now and again! Since it is Christmas, I have found the file and repaired the link, so you should find it if you click on it above now. Be aware it is for the 15 inch machine. The support is still just as good as the day I made it, works brilliantly!
    Merry Christmas!

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