Thursday, 24 September 2015

Stamp with Watercolour Pencils and More!

Having watched some videos on using watercolours to paint stamped images, it made me wonder why no one seemed to use them to do actual stamping, instead of ink pads.

As someone who has more paints, markers and felt tips than I care to admit to, having recently started to make my own polymer stamps, I saw no reason not to use them to stamp with! I noticed that people are actually buying special watercolour markers to use - probably at inflated prices.

Baah humbug!
No need to do that! Anyone with kids around most likely has washable markers. IE WATER COLOUR MARKERS! So you can use those. If, like me you also have watercolour paint of various types, you can easily use that too.

Take a thin kitchen sponge - the type that has a very dense construction, that goes like a piece of cardboard when dry, or a scrap of craft foam and put your watercolour on that. If using watercolour pencils, on the craft foam you need to damp it first, then scribble; on the kitchen sponge you need to scribble dry and spritz with water after to get the best amount of colour. You can create ombre stripes if you want!

Take it easy adding the water, you can also add some glycerine to make it thicker if you have it - it's used to make embossing pads damp.

Press your stamp into the ink and use as normal!


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