Monday, 21 September 2015

Vinyl and Acetate Card Panel

I love to use acetate. It has many uses and being able to cut it easily with the Silver Bullet means I'm not restricted to simple shapes. I also love cutting vinyl. There is something about weeding, I find very satisfying. I also like the clear, crisp lines and clean, sharp design, so combining the two is a winner.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind for this. The design element that you use for the 'frame' bit needs to be chosen with care, not all will fit well, most can be made to fit with a bit of juggling. The one in the video is not quite right but gives you an idea of how it's done.

The vinyl you use must have a strong enough adhesive to adhere to the acetate, not all do this well. It should ideally, be strong enough to weed accurately, you need to 'kiss cut' so that the vinyl is cut but the acetate under it is not.

This one is done on purple acetate.

Peeling away the vinyl
It is important not to get air bubbles or bumps under the vinyl, so make sure your acetate is free from dust and bits that may be present in the room. For this reason, I tend to keep a mat JUST for  cutting vinyls and wipe over my work area beforehand.

If using text, be sure to weld it together to avoid unwanted cut lines and use WYSIWYG  to ensure that your outer cut line for the acetate only, is cut in the correct place.

I cheated a bit, the dot under the exclamation point was so tiny

And when it is added to the card base, with double sided foam tape under the frame. I used black craft foam for this one, and just cut it really thin, so it would not show.

I added a few sparkles to finish it off.

And here is another one, this time with a silver metallic vinyl.

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