Monday, 16 November 2015

Card - Pembroke the Polar Bear

Like a lot of people who use YouTube, I get recommendations for things to watch. Sometimes these things inspire me, just by the title and I don't even have to watch them!

The other day, one came up with how to make a sort of night sky. I hadn't painted like that for ages, so thought I'd do one. Of course, once I'd done that, I needed to turn it into a card. It's the sort of image that goes well with ice floats and polar bears. I knew I had a doodle of a bear that I'd only just done..

(Yeah, I know, a bit too mushy!)

My mind, doing what it does best, started thinking of ways to make a better ice surface and what better than texture gel? I tinted some of mine a pale blue and added some glitter to it as well.

The idea was taking shape and I thought I'd use my doodle as a cut out embellishment, just as long as I could reproduce it. The original was far too big and anyway, on printer paper.

It occurred to me that I could use it as a tutorial on tracing in SCAL but after an hour messing around with scanning in and attempting that, it became clear that was not happening. The outer line presented no problem but I was not able to get the inner lines to be single ones. Hmm. I need to work on that!

Plan B was to use Concepts - a great iPad app. I was able to import the scanned image into it and manually trace it with my stylus.

If you are not familiar with this app, go and check it out. It is not like other drawing apps. Concepts has been updated recently and now has improved features. I found I could trace the outer line quite easily as a filled shape - or as a line. It allows you to choose thickness, colour, transparency and degree of wobble, so where you may not draw the perfect line, it sorts it out for you. I used a fixed width marker line to do the interior detail bits. Oh, and I also searched on line to find out how many claws polar bears have - well have to be careful  not to short change the guy!

After it is done, it can be exported as an SVG - with all the lines being single lines, regardless of how thick you had them on screen. I emailed it back to my laptop and then opened it in SCAL for cutting.
The rest was easy enough, turn on draw lines and cut lines and add a sentiment.

Here is the end result. I named him Pembroke, every young bear needs a name!

So that's it, job done. Now for getting to grips with that trace function...

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