Monday, 9 November 2015

Easy way to Construct a Shaker Card

I was inspired by Kristina Werner to make a snow globe shaker card with the shaker bit on the front, rather than behind.

I thought I would try silicone glue for attaching the front but this stuff squidges out too much!

The trouble with this type is getting things all neat and tidy because most of it is on show and not concealed!
So, my mission on this one was to make it as fool proof as possible.

So, assuming you have  a cut file or the dies for a snow globe, here are the steps needed.

Make your card front panel and put double sided tape on it if you are using that method to adhere to the card base. It should be slightly smaller than your card base for good effect.
The second step depends on what card you are using for the front. If it is a coloured card, then cut out the shaped 'window' in white, to draw/stamp/paint your design on.
Do your design.

Adhere it to the front card panel, making sure to position it so that you can put the frame around it.
Cut out your dam in fun foam. The Silver Bullet can do this easy peasy.
Using your design as the guide, stick the foam around it. Allow to dry before adding your sequins or whatever you are using.

Now for the front bit.  Place card pattern side DOWN on an only slightly sticky mat. Tape down the edges.
In SCAL use WYSIWYG mode. Place your card on the mat and TURN OFF the outer cut line. Place double sided tape all over the total cut area.
Cut just the inside window.

Remove that piece but leave the rest of the frame in place on the mat.

Remove the tape backing

and place a piece of acetate or cellophane over the window and taped area.

TURN OFF the inner cut line and TURN ON the outer cut line. Now you can cut the outer line, giving you the frame already backed with the acetate.

All you need do now, is stick this onto your foam frame and finish off with colouring or sentiment etc. Be careful not to do what I did on this one and put too much glue on the frame...:)

See? Simple when you know how!  If I have left you confused, make sure to check out the video.

How to create the shape in SCAL 4

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