Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Happy Accident Card!

We all have those days sometimes, when nothing goes quite to plan. I've been having one of them!
I intended to make another shaker card, made the frame and then couldn't get inspired for the content.  So, I doodled a bit, didn't like the result and had to have a re think.

I ended up stamping flowers inside and colouring them, I'd put some cellophane in the window bit but thought it still needed a bit more tweaking.

Out came the white glitter. I put it all over the back design and stuck it closed. It needed a card base now and I found just the right colour to set it off.

The photo does not do justice to the full amount of sparkle but it has the benefit to the recipient that they won't get covered in glitter when they open it!

And another one - I was supposed to have cut a window in it, but didn't before I removed it from the mat, and the flower was just a test bit done on a scrap of watercolour paper. I hadn't even intended to colour it!

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